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Catering Menus

Sports Snacks | The Calm Cool Collection | Healthy Lifestyle | Sweet Streak| a La Carte

Sports Snacks
$5.50 per person

Peanuts, Pretzels, Snack Mix and Toffee Glazed Popcorn Mix

The Calm Cool Collection
$7.50 per person

Drumsticks, Fruit Bars, Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

Healthy Lifestyle
$7.50 per person

Whole Fruit, Low-fat Yogurt & Granola Bars

Sweet Streak
$8.50 per person

Praline Bites, Pecan Log, Fresh Baked Cookies, Saltwater Taffy

Break Selections a La Carte

Strudel $12 per dozen
Muffins (assorted) $15 per dozen
Bagels & Cream cheese $24 per dozen
Mini Éclairs $ 6 per dozen
Donuts (glazed, chocolate, powdered) $13 per dozen
Individual Yogurts $15 per dozen
Chips & Salsa $12 per pound
Fresh Baked Cookies $12 per dozen
Cereal Bowl-family style $12 /lb w/milk
Candy Bars (large) $2.00 each
Chips (individual assortment) $1.50 per bag
Dry Snack Mix $12 per pound
Granola Bars $1.60 each
Fruit Cereal Bars $1.50 each
Clif Bars $2.25 each
Brownies $15 / dozen
Whole Fresh Fruit $2.00 each
Chicken Wings $13 per dozen
Sausage Biscuits $30 per dozen
Chicken Biscuits $30 per dozen

Beverages a La Carte

Columbian Coffee $20.00/gallon
Selection of Juices $15.00/gallon
Iced Tea $8.00/gallon
Bottled Water $1.95 each
Assortment of Herbal Teas $1.50 each
Red Bull Energy Drink $3.95 each
Domestic Beer Assortment (bottle) $3.00 each
Soft Drinks (Regular & Diet) $1.50 each

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